Vegas Finest Losers(Ended)Edit

VFL Emblem

Official VFL Emblem

VFL was founded by homey1108 and was later helped by XxXvillawolfXxX. There are 3 versions of VFL, Rainbow Six: Vegas VFL , Call Of Duty 4 VFL ,and Halo 3 VFL . VFL HAS BEEN SHUTDOWN DUE TO LACK OF MEMBERS.
VFL Leaders:Edit
  • homey1108
Homey1108's Spartan

homey1108's Armor for Halo 3

VFL Co. LeaderEdit

  • XxXvillawolfXxX

VFL Call Of Duty 4 Co. LeaderEdit

VFL Halo 3 Co. LeaderEdit
  • XxXvillawolfXxX

VFL Rainbow Six: Vegas Co. LeaderEdit
  • No VFL Co. Leader for this game.

VFL WebsiteEdit