SE logo

The SE logo.

This is the list of all the divisions of the SE.

-The Imperial Army.

The Imperial Navy.

-The Adeptus Astardes

-Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Assasins.



-Iron Reaper's. + ATTENTION+ The Iron Reapers after the orders from Warmaster Horus the Iron Reapers Became the Luna Wolves.

-The SP.

-Horus's Academy

-Kaisers Hound's

-Snow Operations

-Propoganda Team

-Military Police

-The Senete


- The Shadow Cadets

-Industry Corps

-The Shadow Academy

-Army Corps

- Russ Arms


- Champions

- Dark Order

-Drop Shock Troopers


- Shadow Corporation's


-Officer Network

-Royal Guard

-High Command


- The Kaiser's Hawk's.


- Royal Guard


-=-Any members can make there own NON OFFICIAL division-=-

-=-Das Schattenreich-=-