Hi I am the founder of the Halo 3 clan: NEW ERA the clan is mainly for fun but might do the occasional clan warWho can join? Well unlike other clans almost any one can. the only restriction is that you have to be at least 13 years old.Is there any requirements? there are only a few and they are: You can not be a multi clan-er (be in more than one clan) You must have a Xbox 360 (obviously), you must have Xbox live, you must have Halo 3 (obviously) and you must be at least be 13 years oldIs there A clan website? Yes it is do i join? send me a friend request on the xbox my gamer tag is: III new era III (rank is very low i only started that account recently )hope to hear from you soonHALO 3 CLAN : NEW ERA NOW RECRUTING