Clan HollywoodHalo was created on January 29, 2005 by imSuck and several other members who are no longer around. For well over a year, it served the purpose of housing a group of machinima enthusiasts to easily come together on Halo 2 to make movies, play Halo and just have fun. Over the past year I've strived to make a name for this clan in the Halo community and have done so with great strides... Over the last 6 months we've made some amazing achievements for the Halo 2 Machinima community including being mentioned on G4TV and the official Weezer band site. However, recently we made the big switch of leaving the Halo 2 clan HollywoodHalo in the attempts of distancing ourselves from being known as a "Halo 2 Machinima clan".. and to be recognized as a Halo Machinima production group instead.

How Did They Start?Edit

imSuck: It started with my love for making movies. I used to make cinematics using Warcraft 3 rather than making playable games like so many others in that community. In that community I was known as "Sinema", a play on words for the word "Cinema". I began playing Halo 1 at LAN tournaments with friends and got hooked on the game. Not long after, I stumbled upon the most popular Machinima series Red vs. Blue. Of course I was instantly hooked and like many other machinima-enthusiasts... I wanted to make movies like they did. My best friend (now roommate) gave me an old Panasonic TV-Tuner card which I came to find could record video input. I started making short movies of doing stunts in warthogs among other things. Once I realized my creative talent for filming, directing and editing I started making movies with friends. With the help of my roommate, we set up a personal server to host my first site, (don't ask). From there I shared short Halo movies I made with friends.

After my movies started to gain popularity (such as Platoon 1) on sites like and we formed a Machinima clan devoted to making Halo movies, called HollywoodHalo. The clan name itself was thought up by an old friend by the name OutspokenChimp who was one of the first members. From there we made the slow ascent to where we are today. We've lost and gained many amazing members and friends along the way, as well as been through some very tough times both in and outside of our online-lives... but when I hear a fan say "Hey great job on the new movie, me and my friends all loved it!"... it makes it all worth it.

I hope to continue running this site all the way to Halo 3 and possibly continue to bring you guys amazing movies, but only time will tell. I hope that you enjoy your stay here at HaloGrid... home of HollywoodHalo Productions, formerly Clan HollywoodHalo."