SuperintendentGradient Ruiners is a fully operational clan existing on Halo 3 and Halo 2. They are all about Slayer,so much to even create their own version called MLS,Major League Slayer, which is very similar to MLG. This clan happens to have a very special founder. His name is Zach Russel.

How it startedEdit

The Gradient Ruiners started out as just a simple,fun loving clan. But when word got out that it had been created,members of and Halo 3 had requests to join sent to every member known,including the leaders. Later on they got into a competitive phase and started MLS.

What they doEdit

This clan often has many contests for prizes such as Microsoft Points. They also have a machinima team,Zemachinima. They also are always up for new map ideas and gametypes. You can find out about these things by clicking the following link: